Ordering two eggs—over easy, scrambled, sunny side up, whatever—and a side of bacon, hash browns, and a slice or two of buttered toast shouldn’t be complicated. These crack-of-dawn staples should, however, be well made. Opened in 1947 by John and Suzy Fuller, with our all-business Formica countertops, chrome stools, and one-page double sided menu, we’re know as the city’s undeniable master of this classic American breakfast plate.

Eggs over easy are slightly singed at the edges, adding texture and crackles of flavor. Sturdy strips of bacon are both tender and crispy. Use your buttered rye toast to scoop up the yolks and hash browns. Our waitresses will refill your coffee faster than butter melting on a hot frying pan. Your simple, delicious meal will be gone just as fast.

We’re not trying to be anything other than a place for properly cooked eggs, crispy hash browns, and a seemingly never-ending cup of hot coffee.

In 2019, Fuller’s became a division of The Urban Restaurant Group. A locally owned and operated company by Mark and Carla Byrum


We are open 7 days a week

Mon – Sat 7am – 2pm

Saturdays 8am – 2pm