Eggs and things

Breakfast served at all times


One egg, hash browns, toast 8.25
2 eggs, hash browns toast 9.50
Ham, 2 eggs, hash browns, toast 10.50
Bacon, 2 eggs, hash browns, toast 10.50
Sausage, 2 eggs, hash browns, toast 10.50
Corned beef hash with 2 eggs, toast 10.75

creamy omelettes

Comes with hash browns and toast.

Our famous “Omelet” 10.75
Onions, tomato’s, Ham, Cheese

Taco 10.75
bacon, tomatoes, tortilla chips, salsa, and sour cream

Sausage, cheese, spinach 10.75

Veggie 10.75
mushrooms, onions, tomato, spinach, and cheese

Denver Omlette 10.75
ham, green peppers, onions, and cheese

Southwest 10.75
ham, green onions, green chiles, cheese

Cheese 9.75
Ham & Cheese 10.75
Bacon & Cheese 10.75
Sausage & Cheese 10.75
3-Meat & Cheese 11.75


Special 4.75
1 pancake, 2 bacon strips, 1 egg

 SUB Blueberry pancake + 1.00
   1 Extra Egg + 1.00

Breakfast Steak * 11.75
8 oz. Rib Eye with 2 eggs, hash browns, toast

Hot Cake Sandwich 8.25
Three large golden brown hot cakes with two large
ranch eggs. Served sandwich style with syrup.

Country fried steak * 10.75
2 eggs, beef or chicken, hash browns,
toast, sausage gravy

Monte Cristo Sandwich 10.75
ham, turkey, Swiss cheese between French toast.
Served with raspberry jam

Pig in a blanket 8.25
Sausage rolled in a German pancake, served with
syrup and butter, topped with powdered sugar

French toast
   ½ order 6.00
   full order 8.00

Homemade bread, dipped in cream and beaten
eggs, grilled rich golden brown and sprinkled
with powdered sugar

Huevos Ranchero 9.25
Crispy tortillas with beans, ranchero sauce, and eggs.
Topped with cheese, sour cream, and green onions


1/2/3 pieces buttermilk pancakes 3.50/6.25/7.50
1/2/3 pieces blueberry pancakes 3.75/7.50/8.50
German pancake 7.50
Waffle, rich in eggs and butter 6.25

Fuller’s biscuits and sausage gravy 5.00
Fuller’s SOS 5.00
Sausage gravy over toast


Large 3.00
Regular 2.00

Tomato, Orange, Grapefruit, Apple


Applesauce 2.00
Peaches 2.00
Pears 2.00


Two eggs* 3.50
One egg* 2.50
Ham 5.00
Bacon 5.00
Sausage 5.00
Side toast 2.50
Hashbrowns 4.00
Hamburger Patty 5.00
Ham, egg* & cheese sandwich 7.50
Bacon, egg*, cheese sandwich 7.50

Georgia’s potatos deluxe 9.25
Hash browns stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, onion,
green chiles, and tomato. Served with toast

w/ eggs* 10.25

*Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood,
or eggs may increase your risk of food bourne illness.

Lunch Specials

Tue – Fri | Ask your server about Today’s Specials & Soup of the day

Egg salad or Tuna sandwich, potato salad, cup of soup

Steak Sandwich* 11.75
8 oz. US choice Rib Eye on toasted homemade
bread with french fries, tossed green salad with
choice of dressing.

Hamburger steak* 9.75
8 oz. ground fresh beef, topped with chili and chopped
onions, served with tossed green salad, with choice of
dressing. french fries, and homemade bread.

Hot Beef Dinner Sandwich* 9.25
Served on homemade bread, with mashed potatoes,
brown gravy, and tossed green salad with choice
of dressing.

Low calorie plate* 8.00
Burger patty, tossed green salad, cottage cheese, fruit
and ½ boiled egg.

Chicken fried steak* 10.75
Served with mashed potatoes, sausage gravy, veg,
tossed green salad, homemade bread.


Grilled or on toast.
All sandwiches are made with homemade bread.

Hamburger* 4.50
4oz of fresh ground beef, served on toasted sesame
seed bun with tomatoes, pickles, lettuce &
our secret sauce.

   With bacon 5.50
   With mushrooms 4.75
   Double decker cheese burger 5.50
   Chiliburger 5.50
   With bacon, egg*, and cheese 6.00
   Garden burger 5.00
   + add cheese 0.50

Fried chicken breast 6.50
Roast beef 6.50
Ham 6.50
Turkey 6.50

B.L.T. 6.50
Egg* salad 6.25
Tuna 6.25
Grilled cheese 4.50
French dip 8.25
served with salad

Turkey, ham & cheese 8.25
Served on homemade bread with lettuce, tomatoes,
and a side of potato salad.

1/2 Deli sandwich 5.00
Served with choice of chips or cup of soup.

Reuben sandwich 8.25
Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese on rye bread,
grilled. Served with tossed green salad and choice
of dressing.

Fishwich with coleslaw 8.25

Club sandwich 8.25
Toasted double decker, with chicken salad, lettuce,
tomatoes, bacon on homemade bread, and tossed
salad with choice of dressing.


Milk shakes 5.00
Malts 5.25
Root beer float 3.50
Ice cream 4.00/dish
Coca cola 2.00
Diet coke 2.00
Lemonade 2.00
Ice tea 2.00
Coffee 2.00
Tea (stash tea) 2.00
Hot chocolate 2.00
Milk (sm) 2.00
     (lg) 2.75


Cole slaw 3.75
Potato salad 3.75
French Fries 3.75
Creamed Cottage cheese 3.75


All salads served with crackers.
All substitutions are extra.

Meat & cheese salad* 8.50
Tossed green salad with meat, cheese tomatoes, and egg.
Choice of dressing.

Tossed green salad
   Small 3.00
   Large 6.00

Taco salad 8.50
ground beef, ranchero sauce, avocado, on a bed of lettuce
and tortilla chips. Topped with Sour Cream and salsa

Chicken Caesar 8.50


Fish & chips 9.75
Thick chunks of Cod dipped in our own breading, fried
to golden brown, served with french fries, coleslaw, and
homemade bread.

Fried oysters* 9.75

served with coleslaw, french fries, and tarter sauce

Deep fried eastern scallops* 9.75
served with coleslaw, french fries, and tarter sauce

Fresh fried razor clams* 11.50
served with coleslaw, french fries, and tarter sauce

Crisp fried jumbo shrimp* 9.75
Served with french fries, coleslaw, homemade bread, and
our own special sauce

Combination seafood plate* 10.25
Deep fried jumbo shrimp, eastern scallops, Cod, oysters,
served with french fries, coleslaw, and our own
special sauce.

*Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food bourne illness.